Alyssa Kee

Publicity Manager

Meet Alyssa, Panoramic’s Partnerships & Publicity manager and a Geography student at Newnham College, Cambridge.

"Panoramic is such a unique platform for students to share their experiences and opinions on various current affairs and other important issues in our world, and I greatly enjoy the diversity of perspectives found among the writers. It is so easy to form simplistic views on different topics based on discussions in mainstream media or popular discourse, but what Panoramic does is that it takes these topics and presents them in a new, more personal light by looking at how similar issues play out in different geographical and cultural contexts. I believe this provides a special way for us to see the world through another’s eyes and understand the nuances of different issues a little better."

"If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, I would love to meet Teo You Yenn or James and Nancy Duncan, or all of them together! I find their work on physical manifestations of inequality through landscapes and lived experience fascinating, particularly since they all deal with such similar ideas and developments, but in significantly different contexts."