Karim Khan

Head Editor

Meet Panoramic’s head editor, Karim, who is in his third year studying English at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

“Panoramic is particularly important because, by drawing attention to regional issues from across the globe, the personal perspectives that we publish will highlight important nuances that are frequently glossed over in coverage that presents these issues through the lens of foreign affairs. A topic that interests me is the role of religion in politics. The recent appointment of Amy Coney Barret to the US Supreme Court exemplifies this issue’s importance, with many liberals questioning the ability of a conservative Catholic to apply secular laws neutrally and conservatives opposing the alleged religious prejudice implicit in this concern. Complex situations like these are often overlooked in simplistic and idealistic perceptions of liberal democracy as an easy gateway to tolerance and harmony.”

“If I were to have dinner with any individual currently alive, I would choose the theologian William T Cavanaugh. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his book The Myth of Religious Violence, a refreshingly thought-provoking take on a perennially topical issue, and would love the chance to ask him some questions in person.”