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We want to break away from Western-centric narratives. Hailing from every continent, we encourage our writers to blend their personal, local experiences with wider political issues to insert a diversity of perspective into global media coverage.

“I started reading Panoramic because it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the news - to hear people from all over the place telling their stories, positive and negative.”

Reader from Oslo, Norway

Our Story

Anya Gera and Maddie Anstruther created Panoramic in 2020, while politics undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. The project grew out of personal frustration at the existing media landscape and the parochial scope of student journalism, centred around campus news. 


Both co-founders grew up abroad and developed a strong sense of the importance of possessing a global perspective. Anya, born to Russian and Maltese parents, grew up in London and Kenya, while Maddie left the UK at 16 to study in China on a scholarship provided by United World College, a Nobel Peace Prize-nominated initiative set up to promote intercultural exchange. 

In 2022, Akshata Kapoor and Maia Livne took over as Editors-in-Chief. Hailing from India and Israel respectively, they have continued to expand Panoramic's reach, leading a team of sixteen who commission pieces from many more writers across the globe. 

In 2023, Akshata graduated and proceeded to a career in journalism. Paolo Fornaroli, with roots in Italy and Belgium and who lived in Vienna, London, and Paris, replaced her after having been the Head of Creative for the "Concealed" issue. The London-based graphic designer Anja Schwegler, who had already worked as an illustrator for Panoramic on the previous two print issues, took over the lead of the creative team for the third print issue "Solidarity".

“As someone studying abroad, I like the international mentality of Panoramic and the work that has gone into this issue has been tremendous.”

Writer from Nairobi, Kenya

Our Team

Our Partners

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