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authors from six continents consider the 'future'

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17 authors

from 6 continents 


arts reviews, photojournalism and more...


issue 05: ethics

Featuring a series of essays, written by students from across the world. Each essay tackles the the topic from a unique perspective, the author analysing and reflecting on it from within their own geographic context.


an international magazine...

For each magazine issue, we select one topic and invite young writers from across the world to share their thoughts on it. The result is a series of op-eds, arts reviews, photojournalism, and more, all of which merge the personal with the political, such that each writer's experience becomes a means to reflect on the broader relevance of the topic. 



We publish long-form, reflective op-eds from those with lived experience. A rapid news cycle makes information feel disposable, generating apathy and information fatigue. Panoramic does not provide a deluge of breaking news; instead, we aim to promote long term reflection on the key issues we face as a generation.

slow news

We want to break away from Western-centric narratives. Hailing from every continent, we encourage our writers to blend their personal, local experiences with wider political issues to insert a diversity of perspective into global media coverage.

voices from everywhere

We inject a much-needed youthful voice into existing media. Current affairs no longer reflect the zeitgeist of our generation. Our writers create journalism which reflects our interests and politics.

young voices

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