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Canada Will Accept Those Seeking Abortions

As part of our Resolving Conflict newsletter, Faith examines Canada’s response to Roe v Wade...

The United States Supreme Court has, as feared, overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that guaranteed constitutional protection of abortion rights. This marks a victory for conservatives in the bitter and often violent conflict over abortion rights in the US.

However, the Canadian Government has stepped in to support American citizens seeking a safe abortion across the border. To the relief of many, Karina Gould, our minister of families, children and social development, announced this week that, "[i]f people come here and need access [to abortions], that's certainly a service that would be provided."

Canada has no legal restrictions on abortion and could act as a safe haven for those seeking care, if, as expected, about half of US states ban or severely restrict services. According to Planned Parenthood research, around 36 million people of reproductive age are expected to lose access to safe abortions.

The challenge for the many American refugees expected to make the journey will be the cost of travelling to Canada, on top of the abortion itself. In addition, it is estimated that 40% of Americans have a valid passport, making the border crossing impossible for many.

Canada's solution is imperfect, but will at least provide abortions for some women in need. You can support American reproductive rights movements to aid people seeking safe abortion access. Donations can be made to local abortion funds and clinics at


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