Maddie Anstruther


Meet Maddie, Panoramic’s co-founder and a Politics and Sociology student at corpus Christi college, Cambridge.

“We are all increasingly aware of the challenges algorithms pose to our access of diverse perspectives, but the conversation frequently centres around political polarity. It also seems paramount to diversify regionally, and Panoramic aims to provide this regional diversity of experience, inserting new voices into our media spheres to broaden our perspectives in a way that doesn’t lead to sweeping generalisations. If we as a generation want to successfully tackle pressing issues such as global warming, growing inequality or even pandemics, the approach must involve nations and peoples historically unheard by the West. Consequently, it seems essential to have a community that spans the globe. I hope Panoramic can contribute to that community, providing a platform to talented writers from anywhere and everywhere to share their take.”

“If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or living, it would have to be George Orwell. His writing continues to make me to think, cry, laugh… and of course I would be fascinated to hear his predictions for 2084.”